Indy Thunder Beep Ball

4-Peat World Champions!

Thunder Versus Edge

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Thunder Versus Edge

A True Clash of the Titans!!!


On June 27th two of the best teams in the NBBA will meet on the dewy field. On one side you have the defending world champions, the Indy Thunder. They will be matching their will against the upcoming stars in green, the Indy Edge. Come out between 8 AM and 2 PM to watch an explosive competition between two amazing teams. What will you see there? Three of the top six betters in the world, two of the top six defenders in the world, and the worlds fastest beepballer. We feel sorry for the equipment. See you at Broad Ripple Park.

(Image: Indy Edge Logo in green and black over the Indy Thunder logo of blue and white. The word versus over laid in between. The image has a black frame.)

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