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The Indy Thunder was formed in January of 2000 as a recreational team. Throughout that year the Thunder practiced/played intersquad games. The Thunder at that time consisted of players from throughout the state of Indiana and the neighboring state of Illinois. The founder of the Thunder is Darnell Booker. The corner stones at that time for the Thunder were James Michaels, and Hall of Fame player Ron Brown. Yes these guys were up there in years mid 30's and early 40's. Darnell Booker was coach/player/pitcher for the first 8 years. The team got players through the blind school where Booker worked and Bosma where James worked and by word of mouth. That year we had between 8 to 10 players and 5 to 6 volunteers. Booker bought the only set of bases in 1999. He still has these old school bases today and through repair they still work!

In 2001 the INDY Thunder joined the NBBA and turned this recreational team into a competitive team. Along with joining the NBBA the INDY Thunder regional tournament was born. The original tournament consisted of 4 teams, The Indy Thunder, Chicago Comets, Cleveland Scrappers and the Columbus Vipers. As of today this tournament still consists of the first 3. In other years the tournament also consisted of the Chicago Bluffs, Kansas All Stars, St. Louis Firing Squad. The 3 main stays in this regional tournament are the Thunder, Comets, and Scrappers. The Thunder attended their first World Series which was held in Cleveland. We also went to Chicago where their tournament was also born that year.

The 2002 season was a year where the interest of Beepball was starting to catch on in the Indy area, especially on the Northside of town in the Broadripple Area. We held our regional tournaments in Broadripple Park the first weekend in June which has remained to this day. Slowly but surely more sponsors started to back the team whether it was in-kind donations or financial donations. We also increased our volunteers. During that year we went to the series which was held in Chicago. The Thunder still had to pay their dues.

2003 The team is beginning to see growth by adding a tournament to its schedule which was held in Cleveland. The team also went to Columbus, Ohio. During that year we only did 4 regional tournaments and later players were picked up by other teams to help them compete in the World Series which was held in Denver, Colorado.

2004 Was the year that the Indy Thunder finally broke through on the scene as the team grew with players, volunteers and sponsors. We had a complete season doing 4 regional Tournaments and attending the World Series in Columbus, Ohio. It was a real eye opener we learned a lot. It was a pretty good season, we finished 9th in the world.

2005 The team was getting better and the sport was growing in the Indy area. We were getting better each and every year. We won some games in our regional tournament that year. We even won a few World Series games which was a huge accomplishment. The World Series that year was in Houston, Texas.

2006 Was a pretty good year for the Thunder. We won our own Tournament and we finally beat our rival the Chicago Comets in Indy and once in Chicago. Plus we finished in the top 10 in the World Series which was held in Cleveland, Ohio. This finish started a trend where the Thunder has been a top ten team in the world 9 out of the last ten years.

2007 The Thunder continued to get better as a team and organization. We added more players and sponsors and we finished in the top 10 in the World Series which was held in Rochester, Minnesota.

2008 was the season the team was growing player-wise and sponsorship-wise. The highlight of that Season was that we had a bench. The team landed a big time sponsor for the next 3 years, RHI. The team name changed to the RHI-Indy Thunder and that was the last year Darnell Booker played full time as a player. He was mainly pitching,coaching and fundraising. RHI was a part of the thunder through the 2010 season and after that year we went back to the original name Indy Thunder.

2009 The team had a great year doing very well in the regional tournaments and had a good showing at World Series in Stockton, California. Steve Michaels made the all offensive team batting .708 for the World Series,3rd best! During the 2009 World Series a dream had come true. Darnell Booker and Merri Taylor brought forward a presentation to the Board, and afterwards the city of Indianapolis was awarded to host the World Series in 2011. This was a dream of Darnell's that came to fruition. The hard work since 2000 had paid off with all the regional tournaments and the backing of sponsorship and good volunteers. Darnell feels that since the World Series was in Indianapolis, that Beepball will always be apart of Indy sports history.

The Thunder had their best season in team history where we finished 6th in the world! Beepball is now been revived in Indy and it is here to stay. More players and sponsors continued to come on board.

2011 The Thunder had a lot going on that year. The season consisted of the regional tournaments and putting on a World Series. The Thunder that year was a team in transition. This was the only year in a decade we finished out of the top ten. The Thunder finished 12th. The highlight of that year was that Ron Brown retired as a full time player and was elected into the Beepball Hall of Fame here in Indy. Ron's offensive numbers were off the chart when he played full time. For 33 years he played Beepball full time for various teams in Indiana plus he won a World Series in 1990 along with Darnell. A year to remember.

2012 The Thunder got back to its winning ways. We finished 7th in the World Series in Ames, Iowa. We had Jason Ackiss named to the all-defensive team as a member of the Thunder! He came over for the week from Carolina and really helped our team for the week. The Thunder added lots of new players that year and we played pretty well together.

2013 The Thunder remained steady, had a great year sponsorship-wise and player-wise. We finished 7th out of 20 teams in the World Series in Columbus, Georgia. One of the highlights of that season is Dave Benney was runner up on the all-Defensive team. One thing about Georgia, it was very very hot!

2014 The season was a step back for the Thunder. Yes we kept our top ten streak alive by finishing 10th in the World Series held back in Rochester, Minnesota. Again the Thunder add a few new players and sponsors. We also picked up a few players from Cleveland that helped strengthen our bench during the week of the World Series. The Thunder will work hard to be that team in 2015!

2015 The Thunder had a very good year. We had a lot of new young players on the team and we did well in all of our Regional Tournaments. At the World Series held in Rochester, New York, the team finished 8th. 24 games was the most games we have ever played in a season and we finished 14-10 overall, including the World Series.
Off the field was also a great success because we acquired new sponsors, including Lids, The Indianapolis Indians and the Finish Line Youth Foundation. We also acquired several private donors, including one which enabled us to launch our new website. Throughout the history of Indy Thunder Beep Baseball, 3 teams have come from the Thunder Tree including RHI-X-treme founded in 2011, The Indy Knights founded in 2015, and The Indy Edge which will debut in 2016. The Indy Thunder wants to wish all these teams good luck in the future. The Thunder would also, as always, like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors and volunteers!

Darnell Booker
The Historian
General Manger/VP
Indy Thunder Beepball

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The National Beep Baseball Association NBBA was organized in 1976 for visually impaired adults to play baseball. Each year the NBBA coordinates local, state, and regional tournaments, not least among them the Indy Invitational in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Bolingbrook Beep Ball Bash (one of the first tournaments to offer a cash award) outside Chicago, Illinois, and in some cases a round robin tournament in Columbus, Ohio, and, more recently, a round robin tournament in the Philadelphia area. In August of each year the NBBA sponsors a national and international invitational tournament. The 2007 World Series, as the August invitational is known, was held, for the first time in memory, in a city which hosts no beep baseball team, namely, Rochester, Minnesota. More recently, the World Series has been held in Columbus, Ohio in 2004, Houston, Texas in 2005, and in Cleveland, Ohio in 2006. The World Series was held in Taiwan in 2000.

2016- The roar of the Thunder!

It was a magical season for the 2016 Indy Thunder Beepball team! The season first started off by adding some key pieces to the club in early to late March. We added more veteran leadership and a pitcher that had been there before. These were the following: Adam Rodenbeck, Kyle Lewis,Demielli Wright Clint Woodard, Ed Brown who rejoined the team after a year absences. We also added the duo of Jared Woodard and Avery Hunsaker, along with a key spotter that returned to the team Mirriah Brown. The team as they do each year find talent, and they found A good one! A big key to the club Gerald Dycus. Gerald was Rookie of the year. What a great addition to our team. It was when Jared came aboard that current pitcher Darnell Booker became a great insurance policy as a back up pitcher. On we go with the season!

The season kicked off in St. Louis where the Thunder won there first three games of the season and they would face the storm from Colorado on title Sunday. It was a hard battle, the Thunder came up short 9-6. That lost would be the Thunder's last lost of the entire season. The Thunder learned from that lost. That was in early May!

The next tournament was the Indy Tournament the first wknd in June. The team made history, winning there own tournament the first time in 10 years. They beat cross town rival the Indy Edge in the final.

The following wknd we move to Bolingbrook! It was there the team made more history winning that tournament the first time in team history by beating the defending champs the Austin blackhawks 11-10 in The bottom of the 6th a walk off hit and score by veteran Diemelli Wright. That was a great tournament to gage where the team was. It was a deep field with the likes of Houston, Austin and Arizona and the cross time rival Edge.

And the last step was the World Series which took place in Ames, IA! The team was preparing for a World Series run when they pick up a key player that turned out to help the team. This guy was only with the team for 5 weeks. What a big pick up Zack Buhler, boy did he pay huge dividends. The team was focus all week long. The team knew they were a good hitting ball club. It was a amazing week the defense showed up all week! The team would face the Boston Renegades for the title. This was a history making day! The thunder started 5 players under 20 years and younger a first in a World Series championship game. This was a great game for the the Thunder as they defeat the Renegades 18-6! To win their first World Series in the 16 years of the organization. The team claimed several individual awards. The best spotters in the world Lisa Wright and Mirriah Brown, best pitcher catcher Jared Woodard/ Avery Hunsacker. Clint Woodard was elected to the Hallof fame. Darnell Booker was the first African American to win a World Series as a manger/ coach in the 40 year history of the sport. The team also. Had three of the best hitters in the world. Kyle Lewis, Zack Buhler and Gerald Dycus. What a magical season!

The team now turns the page to 2017 and look to defend their title! They know it's going to be tough but they embrace the target