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The 3-Pete is a reality !!! The thunder will be bringing home it’s 3rd straight title to the circle City! It was hard Fought, but the thunder survive. Game one the thunder fall short 19-10. First lost of the week. 2nd game was for all the marbles vs. the Bayou city heat! The guys step up their game, and pull out 16-8 victory to complete the 3-Pete!!  The team will be back later this evening. 

There were some individual awards the thunder picked up !

Erik Rodriguez #7 made the all offensive and Defensive team

Zack Buhler made the all offensive team

All of our spotters took The spotter award for being the best spotters .

Pitcher/ catcher awards
Jared woodard and Avery Hunsaker

Thanks for all of your financial and in kind donations through out the year!!! Thanks for the media coverage tv/ newspaper. If you want to follow up about the World Series with me or any of our team let me know. The ring ceremony will be in Early To mid October! We hope you will be there,

for promises to be a great night!  It’s so nice to say Indy Thunder  3-Pete ! We finish the season 22-1!! Unbelievable.

Darnell Booker
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Indy Thunder! Beepball!

Back to back world Champions! We beat Taiwan twice 16-15 game to 15-10 See you all in Indy

Well guys I don't know what to say about this thunder team! I guess I do they or we always believe and will never give up! We had to win or go home today. Well let me say the thunder is not going home! We won all 3 games today Facing elimination.
Game one against Boston the team came out strong! They set the tone early ! We beat Boston 19-9  a Great team effort
Game 2 the rematch between the San Antonio Jets and. The Thunder. The previous day as you know the thunder fell short 22-20 well this time was a different outcome! The thunder bats were red hot! We came out on fire the game was not how the final would ended. we beat the jets 29-24! We had a huge lead and kept the jets at bay. We were up 29-9!-at one point, San Antonio showed a lot of pride. The thunder holds on to advance.
Game 3, the last game of the day. The team came out ready beating  Colorado in a huge game 15-8! The team had played great since we've been in a do or die game.
So that brings us to Today! Championship Saturday! The thunder made it back to defend the title against the Taiwan Home run! This is a true World Series final. The thunder has to beat the home tun twice to win the title. The team will be ready to play , and do our best to bring it home. You can watch the game today on your computer at 11a go to the NBBA website nbba.org there will be a link to watch we hope two games.
Thanks as always for your support of Indy Thunder Beepball ! Cross your fingers for two Thunder wins!
Darnell Booker
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Indy Thunder Beepball

Hey guys the report from  WPB  on day 3. The day got started against San Antonio, what a Battle it was between two I'd say evenly matched teams, there were several lead changes throughout the game, but the final result was that for the first time the thunder fall short 22-20 in a well of a ballgame. It's now time to see how the team bounces back from a tough lost. Its from here on out win or go home. The thunders second game was against Long Island bombers. Let's just say the Thunder immediately got back in the win column with a huge bounce back game 18-3 win. Game 3 was a test of survival, win or go home. The team faced a tough foe. It was another good hitting team from Texas, Bayou city Heat out of Houston. Well it was a nip and tuck game, but in the end the thunder prevail 14-10. The thunder is still alive to reach the top. We have a lot of work to do. I feel we can get it done.
A few highlights from the day were we saw good play by the rookie Coryeon White. He got some good experience played well in the bounce back game. Against Houston Erik Rodriguez came up big by making key defensive plays and had a all around great game. Cori white also made some key plays in the final game of the day.
Next up in a elimination game the thunder face today at 8 30 the Boston Renegades. A rematch from last year's title game. Let's hope the thunder gets it done. As always thanks in advance for your support of Indy Thunder Beepball. Hope your day goes well. Will check in with you all later today.
Darrell Booker
Indy Thunder Beepball

Hey guys day 2 of the World Series is in the books! The Thunder only played one game today. We played one of our old rivals, the Chicago Comets. The team was ready again today. A very good effort. We beat Chicago 18-8 it was a good team win.
Tomorrow is when the competition will be raised up a notch. The Thunder play to tomorrow. First up is the San Antonio Jets. This promise to be a great game. The Jets fill they have some unfinished business. They feel they let one get away the last time they faced the thunder in Indy at our Annual tournament. 10-9 was the final. Let's hope we have the same results. Cross your fingers. We will be ready! As always I say thanks for all  of you guys support of Indy Thunder Beepball. I Will check in with you Tomorrow.
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Day 1 2017 WS results

Hey guys day one of the 2017 World Series is in the books. It was pool play today for the thunder. It was a successful day despite the lighting delays. The team hung in there mentally. Game one the team came out ready wining over Bryant college station 22-2. Every body played. We have a deep team. A few highlights from that game was the combo of Cori and coryeon White yes brothers. This was coreyon's first WS. He did well. Erik and Tyler Rodriguez played well.
Game 2 vs Tyler was the mental game I call it, with all of the lighting delays. The team again started out strong and pulled it together at the end 24-15. It was a good team effort.

Today being Wednesday starts the double elimination tournament. We play at 11:30am. Results later. As always thx again for supporting Indy Thunder Beepball!!  
Note- Joe keep bringing the thunder that young talent.let me know if there are anymore. Make it a great day, I'll be in touch

Darnell Booker
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